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croatia charter reviews

Left the hostel at 10 am and headed to the port to find my boat. I found my boat the Daisy, was a little disappointed as it was considerably smaller than the others and checked in but we had a smaller group. I went for a wander around the market stalls and set my bags on board. We boarded the boat at 12pm and were introduced to the crew and everyone. There were tons of couples. Then it was time for our first 3 course lunch of the trip, which was astounding. After our lunch we were on our way to the first stop of the excursion which was Omis and headed from the Schism port. It turned out to be as we left we were sailing right into storm clouds and a fine day. We were all on the top deck simply laughing at the thought of being stuck in a thunderstorm as we were headed straight for it. Fortunately we sailed just past it. Tonight we had a captains dinner (last night on a yacht we chartered) and played a game on the top deck that was kind of a combination of charades and celebrity heads, so much fun. forum yacht charter croatia

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